an art installation

Blumen Lumen is a garden of giant flowers grown in San Francisco. They bloom when people are around, and shine their colors when the sun goes down. Depending on the season, a healthy blumen will emit green laser beams. They communicate wirelessly, but require twelve volts DC to survive.


We are a group of designers and engineers who happen to work (or have worked) at IDEO in the Bay Area. Many friends not pictured here have kindly contributed to growing Blumen Lumen.


Blumen Lumen has been planted in a variety of venues throughout the Bay Area. In order of images, Exploratorium After Dark, Burning Man 2014, Treasure Island Music Festival 2014, BRAF Artumnal, Sea of Dreams, and City Hall. We are currently looking for a permanent home for the flowers. If you are interested in showing the flowers, please contact Jimmy at

Exploratorium, After Dark event
Burning Man 2014
Treasure Island Music Festival 2014
BRAF Fundraiser @ The Bentley Reserve
Sea of Dreams NYE @ Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
City Hall 100th anniversary @ City Hall
One is installed at IDEO


We want to give a special shout out to the Black Rock Arts Foundation, an organization that supports art like this. They gave us the grant to get us started. Another big thanks goes to IDEO, who let us use their shop, tools, and collective expertise throughout the project. We also have a long list of supporters during our successful Kickstarter campaign. Thank you for bringing Blumen Lumen to life.

Aaron Sklar
Adam Skaates
Adam Stein
Alex L
Amelia Hendra
Andrea Hong
Andrew Ching
Andrew Deakin
Ben Chernikoff
Bill Powar
Blair Wagoner
Brian Dawson
Brigid O'Neil
Caitlin McDonnell
Cameron Tacklind
Camille Pieron
Carlisle Haworth
Chad Nagel
Charu Juneja
Chris G
Chris Kleinknecht
Christian Boullon
Christine M. Peterson
Christine McElhaney
Christopher Cianciarulo
Cody Smith
Dan Carpenter
Daniel Waldron
Danika Patrick
David Janssens
David Webster
David Zhou
Deirdre Cerminaro
Devin Peek
Dominique Dey
Dorian Muthig
Doug O'Leary
Emily Lannon
Future Motion
Gail Wooten-Votaw
Gerry Nelson
Gina Romero
Gretchen Addi
Haydi Sowerwine
Ian Schon
Integral Design
Isabela Sá
Jack Nguy
Jacob Shapira
James Phillips
Jana Good
Jared Erondu
Jeewon Jung
Jeremy Alliger
Jessica Jarvis
Joel Parker Henderson
John Lai
john Ravitch
John Won
Judy Guo
Julie Kaufman
Julio Terra
Kai Lam
Kara Johnson
Kathleen Bomze
Kathy ormseth
Kelea Somerton
Ken Su
Kerem Suer
Kevin Ho
Kevin Verlander
Konstanze Zait
Lauren Shimek
Lee Scheele
Lisa Vermillion
Loring Sittler
Lynda Moore
Lynn O'Leary Pieron
Maggie Pringle
Marc Leglise
Marek Belski
Margaret Cumming
Marissa Johnson
Marshall Reiss
Martin Schnitzer
Marty & Meagan Fox
Mary Jang
Matt Hocker
Matt McKenna
Mauricio Bustos
Max Talan
Molly Norton
Nathan Germick
Nicole Kahn
Nora O'Leary
Patricia L Heaton
Patricia Solari
Patrick Rowell
Peter Macdonald
Peter Riering-Czekalla
Philipp Schaefer
Rachel Switzky
Raphaël de Courville
Robert Schlott
Roberto Saco
Robyn Alley
Rochael Soper
Rosemary Ostmann
Ryan Madsen
Sally Cooper
sally madsen
Sam Patel
Sam Peinado
Sam Pierson
Sasha Silver
Sean Duffy
Sean Matthews
Sean Stevens
Sonoo Thadaney
SoYoung Park
Stephanie Tang
Sue Bell
Susan Silver
Suzanne Hodgson
Teegan Lee
Thomas Brisebras
Tim Dery
Tim Shi
Tom Brown
Tom Shannon
Tracy DeLuca
Victoria Docter
Vincent A. Trincia, Jr.
Vinh Pho
Virginia Wang
Wesley Chen
Yennie Lee